I only began sewing about 3 years ago and, partly due to Angela’s encouragement, I completed a leisure shirt for my Husband last year.

I find Angela’s classes instructive, enjoyable and very friendly.


My daughter absolutely loves sewing club and has made some wonderful things. So I decided to sign up to the evening classes with my elder son. We are now making clothes and get taught so much from just being a beginner at the new year.

Alexa – Children’s Classes

Thank you so much for all your experience and support, you have given my daughters in teaching them to sew.

Alison – children’s Classes

I was keen to learn sewing but was being held back by awful memories of my sewing lessons at school. I’m very glad to say that Angela’s sewing classes have dispelled all that fear! I’ve learnt so much and I love the informal, friendly atmosphere of her classes too. I’ve even acquired a 100-year-old sewing machine which I use regularly at home on projects. Can’t believe how hooked I’ve become and can’t wait to start back on another course next week…thank you Angela.

Andrea – Adult Classes

My girls loved their time at The Sewing Club and they learnt lots of useful tips to allow them to sew at home with confidence.

Anthony – Children’s Classes

The sewing club is great and Angela is a great teacher. You can decide what you want to sew and work at your own pace, learning techniques as required for your project.

Or if there is an odd bit of sewing that you are stuck on, Angela is happy to help, it is a lot more flexible than attending classes with a set schedule for each lesson.

Asha – Adult Classes

Thank you so much for teaching me how to sew over the past few years.  I have learnt an enormous amount and have loved the projects, chats and coffee and biscuits!

Charlotte – Adult Classes

I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the wonderful world of sewing.

Claire – Adult Classes

Can I say how much I appreciate the informality of the class – it’s very sociable and I am learning a lot as well.

Deborah – Adult Classes

You’ll be pleased to hear that my sewing continues to give me great pleasure. I have just finished dresses for my grand-daughters. You must have been a wonderful teacher to inspire me!

Diana – Adult Classes

Angela is a patient and enthusiastic teacher and I’ve enjoyed learning how to make my handbags and cushions. My friends and family can’t believe I’ve actually made them myself!

Sharon – adult classes

Possibly the most fun you can have in two hours. Angela creates a joyful environment to learn in, and she can teach anyone how to sew! I’m making progress, and I must be one of her more challenging students.

Helen – Adult Classes

I’ve been going to Angela’s sewing courses for nearly three years, with only the pandemic as an interruption. I started as a complete novice but am now a confident dressmaker, continually learning new techniques and working with a variety of fabrics. The classes are always relaxed, friendly and fun. A joy to attend.


When I began Angela’s classes I could not thread a sewing machine. Now I’ve made dress, skirt and trousers! Angela is a fantastic teacher and her classes are full of fun and laughter, catering for beginners and advanced sewers. I have no hesitation in recommending The Sewing Club.


I started going to the sewing club to gain confidence as I had not done any sewing for many years. The classes were brilliant and small enough so that everyone had the help they needed. Angela is a very patient teacher. The classes have inspired me to embark on many sewing projects. I would thoroughly recommend it.

Sarah – Adult Classes

I have loved sewing classes- I hope I get a sewing machine for Christmas.

Zoe – Children’s Classes

I did the free motion class last night and had the best time! I will definitely be doing more classes. I was given great support and tips along the way and I came home confident in creating a little sewing machine drawing. So pleased and cannot wait to use my new skills.

Shelley – Adult Classes

My daughter absolutely loves sewing club and has made such wonderful things, so I decided to sign up to the evening classes with my elder son. We are now making clothes and as beginners from the new year, we have been taught so much.

Tracy – Children’s Classes

Please can I continue coming to Tuesday night sewing and make some more stuff!!

Vicky – Children’s Classes

I’ve just done my first beginners’ course and I loved it. I can’t believe I’ve been able to make 2 lovely projects with Angela’s expert help. I can’t wait to learn more in such a friendly fun atmosphere.

Well, here I am 2 years on and I’m hooked! I can sew solo now thanks to Angela, but I love coming to classes to learn more and enjoy the relaxing friendly atmosphere. It’s my favourite activity of the week!

Liz – Adult Classes

I went to the sewing classes both as something I’ve always wanted to do and as a chance to do something fun for myself after having a baby. I’ve tried to self-teach for years but to no avail. it’s a beautiful studio and the sessions are so relaxed and with no pressure at all. I was amazed with the bag that I had made (under full instruction and guidance) as it was strong and useful! I also learnt how to make little purse/bags and am working on a dress for my daughter now.

Angela is a great teacher with endless patience and lots of good ideas! She has also explained lots of the lingo and teaches lots of tips and tricks to make the machine work for us! I’m looking forward to going back and finishing my current project and then starting something else!

Teresa – Adult Classes