Angela’s sewing pattern design portfolio started in 2020, shows the diversity in her sewing knowledge with the dress pattern, Thirza and bag pattern, Rondelle.  She designs all the patterns and instructions herself. 

On the back of her successful sewing patterns Angela was asked to write her first book ‘Sewing Machine Basics for Children’ which includes over 30 original sewing projects to inspire children to sew.

Thirza dress and top sewing pattern

Angela has designed the Thirza dress and top to be both contemporary and comfortable with its relaxed style suiting all body shapes.

Rondelle bag sewing pattern

The Rondelle bag is exclusive to The Sewing Club and is unique in its bucket design and unusual strap features.

Sewing Machine Basics for Children book

“It is a joy teaching children how to sew and it was only natural I should put a book together, pouring all my vast knowledge and professional experience into a sewing book just for them.”