Children’s Sewing Classes

Children’s Sewing Classes in Kent

The Sewing Club runs classes alongside the school’s timetable all year round with a maximum of 6 students per class so they get lots of hands-on tuition and personal guidance.

The children’s courses are more structured than the adult classes and start with a set curriculum which allows the children to cover all the basic skills and build up a range of useful techniques.  Then later on, armed with their skills, they get guidance to come up with their own ideas. 

On the children’s courses they learn all different types of skills not only how to use a sewing machine, but cutting out, using pins and templates.  It’s good for their fine motor skills and for getting a sense of achievement and satisfaction from creating something unique from scratch, and in more depth that they would do with a school project.

Children will receive certificates of achievement as they progress and they are allowed to work at their own pace through the projects so they don’t get anxious about being slow or being fast! All equipment and fabric is provided.  Children can bring their own machines in to learn on or they can use one of our machines. 

The Sewing Club has mentored many students over the years with their design portfolios for college entrance or job interviews plus the Duke of Edinburgh awards, Brownie and Guide badges.

My daughter absolutely loves sewing club and has made such wonderful things, so I decided to sign up to the evening classes with my elder son. We are now making clothes and as beginners from the new year, we have been taught so much.